Menu & Wines

Our kitchen

The kitchen´s orientation is focused on variations of German and French rural cuisines, which time and again manage to combine in an utmostly luscious manner, and which harmonize even after or beside each other in an exhilarating way. Be it for geographical, historical or touristic reasons – France and Germany gladly meet in the kitchen and appreciate each other very much. Great examples are dishes like Boeuf á la mode, Choucroute and Moules et Frites, which can be found naturally on the menues of restaurants in certain regions of both countries alike.

The cooking is quite hearty, no-frills, no bragging, but instead made with sure instinct, sense of taste and very fine, fresh ingredients. The dishes from soup to dessert are rurally classic, delicious and plain, not scanty, but still always with a hook, a kick and a cream topping. One may become pleasantly saturated and wet one´s whistle – in any case .. pleased and tipsy.

Unser Menü

We serve a choice of two delicious, weekly changing 4-course-meals at 33 Euro every evening of the week but for sundays and mondays.
Optionally the main dish may be exchanged by a vegetarian flavour or the (dead !) Coque au Vin.

Our wines

Wichtig ist uns: Wein. Die Weinkarte bietet eine selektierte Auswahl an vWine is fundamental to us. The wine list offers a selected variety of mainly German and French wines from smaller, less-known vineyards, to each of which there is a story to tell or a personal connection - and which stand out in the quality of their wines.