The cock is dead. We bagged it and have actually been doing so every day since october 2011, beside Zionskirche in our German-French wine- and dinner-tavern "DER HAHN IST TOT!" (The cock is dead !). There has been regal feasting and the odd state of tipsiness ever since.
Every evening (except mondays) we serve two four-course menues, the Coq au Vin itself (and dead), choice of wines and beefy liquors to a colourful flock of guests.

Until then: Lots of love.
So Ra und Ralf.

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Our menu

We serve a choice of two delicious, weekly changing 4-course-meals at 25 Euro every evening of the week but for mondays.
Optionally the main dish may be exchanged by a vegetarian flavour or the (dead !) Coque au Vin.

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Our kitchen

The kitchen´s orientation is focused on variations of German and French rural cuisines, which time and again manage to combine in an utmostly luscious manner, and which harmonize even after or beside each other in an exhilarating way. Be it for geographical, historical or touristic reasons - France and Germany gladly meet in the kitchen and appreciate each other very much. Great examples are dishes like Boeuf á la mode, Choucroute and Moules et Frites, which can be found naturally on the menues of restaurants in certain regions of both countries alike.

The cooking is quite hearty, no-frills, no bragging, but instead made with sure instinct, sense of taste and very fine, fresh ingredients. The dishes from soup to dessert are rurally classic, delicious and plain, not scanty, but still always with a hook, a kick and a cream topping. One may become pleasantly saturated and wet one´s whistle - in any case .. pleased and tipsy.

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Our wines

Wine is fundamental to us. The wine list offers a selected variety of mainly German and French wines from smaller, less-known vineyards, to each of which there is a story to tell or a personal connection - and which stand out in the quality of their wines.

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The restaurant

The cosy and at the same time stylish restaurant comes with around 60 seats on the inside, consisting of romantic double-tables, round tables, long tables and two especially homey booths. The combination of the recurring, simple, clear grey-green with playful elements like the rustic-gaudy grape-wallpaper adds up to a distinct style, in which the features of the space with its unusual arch and edges are accentuated.

Outside another 40 guests can be seated, enjoying a front row view on Zionskirche and the special catwalk Castingallee during their meat and drink.


Zionskirchstr. 40, 10119 Berlin-Mitte
opposite Zionskirche
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U8 Rosenthaler Platz
Tram M1, 12 Zionskirchplatz

Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday from 18.30 to around 01.00
Kitchen until 23.00
Monday day of rest / closed

Call from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11:00 to 18:00 Personally 030 657 06756
On the spot. Leave Or, Reservierung`s request on the answering machine
We will call back

Hire for private functions
Ralf Kern ralf@der-hahn-ist-tot.de

Comments, praises and critique

So Ra Koberg und Ralf Kern

Billing address
DER HAHN IST TOT! GbR Koberg & Kern, Zionskirchstr. 40, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

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GbR Koberg & Kern
Zionskirchstr. 40
10119 Berlin-Mitte

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